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“Now streaming on The InterceptTrouble Finds You, from filmmaker/reporter Stephanie Tangkilisan, in collaboration with writer/reporter Alice Speri, focuses on the impact on the largest gang raid in New York City history on one man who had sought to distance himself, geographically and emotionally from his old Bronx neighborhood.”

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“The Intercept has released a short documentary by reporter and filmmaker Stephanie Tangkilisan focused on the effects of the “Bronx 120” raid, the largest in New York City history, on the life and prospects of a young man named Kraig Lewis.

Tied to a feature article written by Intercept reporter Alice Speri, this exclusive short documentary shows how gang prosecutions are used in the mass criminalization of communities of color, also highlighting the abuses behind the use of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations, or RICO Act, to prosecute street crime.”


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